Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rondas, Bread and Wine

Packed weekend.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet my distant cousins at the 1st Ronda Family Reunion held at Rockland Lake State Park. We had an amazing time chatting, sharing family history and stories, and assembling the family tree. I never realized how many us were out there. My sister and I always considered ourselves the only ones. Funny enough, so did the other Rondas. Growing up as the only child (my sister is from my father's second marriage) and shielded by my grandparents, it was nice to finally connect with my family and have that sense of belonging. I am looking forward to our next reunion, which reminds me, I have to call my dad.

Today Dave and I drove up to Vernon, NJ and Warwick, NY for bread, cheese and wine. Bobolink Dairy ( is the place to go for delicious artisan bread and cheese. Both are made on the premises...and you're greeted by the dairy's rooster. After our purchase of cheddar cheese, cranberry and walnut stick, rosemary epi, and garlic and duck confit ciabatta, we decided to take a drive to the Warwick Valley Winery ( If you haven't been there, I strongly recommend a visit. We've had bad experiences with NY wines, so we went in with no expectations. However, I think Dave went in expecting the worst. Well, we were wrong. The Harvest Moon and the Cabert-Franc shut us right up...we even bought some to bring home as well as some hard apple cider. The grounds are perfect for picnics and there is live entertainment on the weekends. I do not recommend the food at the restaurant...bring your own picnic basket, blanket and some cheese and bread from the Bobolonk Dairy...You are all set for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

- Yeye

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cough, cough...sniffle.

I've been sick for almost three weeks now. No motivation to write, but feel the need to keep things moving...and give my husband something to read even if it's two sentences.

Hope to get back into the groove soon.

- Yeye

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coqui, coqui, coqui...

Well, it's been raining in Puerto Rico, which means the coquis are happy. Haven't really done much on my first full day here. Just taking it slow - island time. I am hoping the sun will shine tomorrow, so I can work on my tan and do some swimming. Right now, my mother is cooking a seafood dinner, which includes fried ripe plantains...yum! Stuffed myself earlier with yucca w/garlic and onions and some baked batatas (yams).

Stayed tuned for more...

- Yeye

Monday, May 4, 2009

"¡Ecua jei!"

A few weeks ago I purchased a Latin NY Magazine July/Aug 1975 at a garage sale down the street. I'll have to scan a few pages and share some of the highlights of when Hector Lavoe,Willie Colon and many other salsa bands took center stage in NYC. Salsa was super hot then, not saying it's not now, but the songs spoke about real life...stories. Now salsa is about love (el corazon), how beautiful the girl is and how fast a man can get into her pants. A true "telenovela". All about the drama. I don't mind listening to Victor Manuelle or Marc Anthony once in a while, but I can honestly say that I cannot identify with it.

- Y.